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Quality Policy

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We at Ratan, are aware of the importance of quality in order to maintain customer relations and in turn achieving growth and success. We are committed to produce and deliver products to the satisfaction of the customers by continually improving its Quality Management System.

Certification & System

We are certified a ISO 9001:2015 company by URS for Manufacture and Supply of Iron and Steel Castings. All our processes and quality system are supported by Enterprise Resource Planing from SAP.


The Quality Team supervises the Q.A / Q.C aspects along the entire process system by identifying and associating with Quality Circles.Every casting produced is numbered which indicates the date and heat code thus ensuring 100 % traceability for our produce.

Occupational Health & Safety

We, as an organization committed to Occupational Health & Safety of the workers and shop floor staff, ensure strict adherence to body protective wears and covers for moving parts. The workers are constantly educated upon the importance of health & safety through displays and safety tips.

Environmental protection

As an environmentally responsible company, we comply with the environmental regulations advocated by the Government. We also strive to continuously reduce energy consumption and emission by improving the production process efficiency.