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Foundry Process Control and Chemical Analysis

Optical Emission Spectrometer - 24 Channel

CRM Samples available for Calibration of Spectrometer

Complete Sand testing for Process Control of Moulding

Carbon Silicon Analyszer and Cooling Curve analysis

Casting Simulation(Flow) for ensuring Internal Defect Free and Sound Casting

Casting Simulation-Thermal analysis for evaluation of the solidifying properties of cast iron

Metallographic Analysis

Microstructure Analysis with Digital Image Analyszer

Cut Section Analysis for Interal Defects Study

Metallography for defining structures w.r.t to Phase,Microstructure and Nodularity

Mechanical - technological test

Tensile testing

Notched Bar Impact Test

stationary hardness testing according to Brinell.

Mobile hardness tests based on Brinell and Rockwell.

Direct and indirect visual inspection according to EN 13018

3-D CMM for Precise Dimensional Analysis

In depth Dimesnsional Analysis using 3D scanning

Evaluation of surface displays/roughness with the casting comparotar catalogue.(SCRATA and BNIF)

Use of surface roughness measuring devices to determine roughness.

Non Destructive Testing

Dye penetration test


Ultra-sonic inspection (impulse echo method) according to ISO 16810

Digital radiography (radioscopic inspection) according to EN 13068