• Agricultural Implement Parts

    Spacers, Bush, Nuts, Cambridge Rolls,
    Agricultural rings

  • Tractor Parts

    Axle Hubs & Caps, Housings & Covers–
    Tube Housing, Gearbox Housings &
    Reduction Cover, Fly wheels, Dead Weights

  • Commercial vehicle and Trailer Parts

    Hubs, Brake Drums, Flywheels, Brake shoes

  • Automotive Parts

    Pressure Plate, Brake Disc, Pulley, Water body

  • Miscellaneous

    Counter Weights, Castor Wheels, Pulleys

Vision and Principles

  • To constantly upgrade technology thus enabling improvement in cost, service and quality.
  • To constantly innovate and move up the value chain inorder to maintain competetiveness and increase business of the company.
  • To create a healthy relationship between workforce and management and to provide them with an excellent working environment.
  • To become an indispensable force in the Auto components industry, both in the OEM and Aftermarket segments, at the global level.
  • To be able to justify all capital investment and to boost shareholder confidence by constantly improving efficiencies and increasing volumes.