• Agricultural Implement Parts

    Spacers, Bush, Nuts, Cambridge Rolls,
    Agricultural rings

  • Tractor Parts

    Axle Hubs & Caps, Housings & Covers–
    Tube Housing, Gearbox Housings &
    Reduction Cover, Fly wheels, Dead Weights

  • Commercial vehicle and Trailer Parts

    Hubs, Brake Drums, Flywheels, Brake shoes

  • Automotive Parts

    Pressure Plate, Brake Disc, Pulley, Water body

  • Miscellaneous

    Counter Weights, Castor Wheels, Pulleys

Commercial Vehicle and Trailer Parts

Brake drum

Break Drum for SML LCV

Break Drum for SML LCV

Brake Disc

Clutch Cover 380

Pressure Plate 352

Pressure Plate 310

Pressure Plate DCA (240, 280, 310 Dia)

Pressure Plate 280

Clutch Cover CCA (310, 330, 380 Dia)